Saturday, 14 April 2012

Brunch - gram flour, feta, spring onion, bell pepper and carrot pancakes

Inspired by previous adventures in gram flour pancake making, I decided to try making some more but, this time, for brunch rather than dinner.

I went for a similar basic mixture to Maria Elia's recipe - gram flour, semolina and water - but spring onions, bell pepper, carrots and feta instead of just carrots.  To be honest, this was mostly because this was what we had in the house - I think the spring onions and feta were lovely but that the other vegetables, you could substitute in with other vegetables.  Mushrooms would be nice, I think.

Tasty pancakes
Since it was brunch, I also kept the spicing more minimal - just salt and black pepper rather than chilli and ginger and stuff. 

They were fun to make - I love the way that they sizzle in the pan and it's a childish pleasure to compete with myself to see how many I can get to turn over without breaking at all.

I'm not sure why but they tasted rather like omlettes - same kind of squishy texture.  One to make again, perhaps when I have some fresh herbs to use up, as I think that that would convert these from tasty to delicious.

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