Friday, 18 January 2013

Sweet potato, bean, cheese and mustard burritos

I realise that these sound bizarre but they are incredibly tasty.  Honestly.  In our house they have a collective noun of their very own and are known as "mustardy sweet potatoey beany goodness" which sums it up rather well, we feel.  We have fed them to a variety of people all of whom seem to have enjoyed it - including my lovely in-laws who are usually more meat and plain veg types.  The recipe is here.

The only tweak that I've made to this when I've made it is that, rather than peel, chop and boil the sweet potatoes, I put them unskinned in a plastic bag in the microwave, leave the bag slightly open, and then microwave.  My grandmother gave me this tip - it works with other vegetables too, potatoes/aubergines if you're wanting to add them to something but don't have time to cook them more conventionally.  I have absolutely no idea what made her come up with this method but it is genius.

Anyway, having cooked some sweet potatoes in the method of your choice, you mash 'em:

Mashing sweet potato

Mashing sweet potato
Cook up a tasty mixture of onions and a tin of tomatoes:

Tomato and oniony goodness
Cook up some beans - mmmm, beans.

Stir in a whole jar of seedy mustard - no really!

Mashed sweet potatoes with mustard
Stir in lots of grated cheddar (also added in some chopped coriander because why not?).  Actually, this is a really good sweet potato mash in general, we've used versions of it to top vegetarian cottage pie.

Mashed sweet potatoes with mustard, cheese and coriander

And then the beans - gently!

Mustardy sweet potatoes with cheese and beans
Then you wrap in tortillas and bake for 10-15 minutes:

We usually make a lot of them and freeze - they freeze really well, except that they take quite a while to defrost.  If possible, it's best to defrost them overnight and then bake in the oven.  If you can't defrost overnight, give them a quick blast in the microwave before baking in the oven from frozen.

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