Sunday, 17 March 2013

Restaurant review - The Yellow House, Canada Water

Like Cafe Amisha, The Yellow House is one of the restaurants that we frequent when we are tired and don't want to cook. Which means that I always forget how nice it is.

We went the other day and had fondue to start which was interesting - I am more used to fondue as a main meal.  For my tastes, the fondue was a little too boozy,the booze slightly overwhelmed the cheese which was a shame because the texture was perfect.

The pizzas that we had to follow were perfect, though - crust nice and thin and flavoursome.  One of the things that I particularly like about The Yellow House is its selection of small sweet things.  As regular readers will have noticed, I don't have that much of a sweet tooth but every now and then I fancy something sweet at the end of a meal.  Restaurant puddings are usually too much for me but a couple of chocolate truffles or pieces of fudge are perfect.  The handmade chocolate truffles at The Yellow House are absolutely amazing, some of the best chocolate that I've ever had, I think mostly because of how freshly made they are.


  1. I'm also a fan of the Yellow House, though I mostly go there for drinks rather than a meal (Royal Palace, one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London, is too close for me to want to miss it). I hadn't realised they do handmade chocolate truffles though! Like you, I'm not hugely fond of sweet things, but these sound like something I should check out next time I'm there.

    1. I've seen your comments on Royal Palace before but, alas, the vegetarian stuff there doesn't look great. As awful as I feel about dismissing an entire cuisine, I have never really enjoyed Chinese food and now avoid by default.

      To be honest, while the Yellow House is nice - it is not somewhere I would travel to, if it weren't just down the road from me, so it's probably not nice enough to lure you away from Royal Palace! Might be worth popping to afterwards for coffee and a chocolate truffle though!

    2. A lot of the good vegetarian stuff is on the Chinese-only menu. Last time we were there, the veggie food was cucumber and garlic salad, crispy shredded potato, water spinach with garlic, home-style shredded kelp, and stirfried noodles. Our vegetarian was satisfied with that, but there are lots of other options too, including di san xian, tofu with century egg, sweetcorn with salted egg yolk, tomato eggs, and shredded potato with vinegar. The kitchen do understand the concept of vegetarianism and are happy to adapt dishes where necessary.

      However if you don't like the look of it then you don't like the look of it :) I'm not trying to persuade you to try Chinese food again, just mentioning that the good stuff is not necessarily going to be on the English menu.

    3. Mmm, the egg dishes sound interesting. I really don't like dismissing whole cuisines so I am persuadable to trying again with Chinese food. Am not entirely sure that I'd like to do so at a place that hides the good stuff from people who don't read Chinese though!

      Was eyeing up the nice looking vegetarian menu at Kai though it's a bit pricey.

    4. Royal Palace do translate _some_ of the Chinese menu, in a little booklet with pictures, but I think not enough of the vegetarian dishes to make a decent meal.

      The menu at Kai does look interesting! I can't work out what they mean by 'Chai' though — any ideas?