Friday, 17 May 2013

Banoffee frozen yoghurt

Banoffee frozen yoghurt
The other day I fancied some ice-cream was overpowered with guilt for not using our ice cream maker more but couldn't quite be bothered to make proper ice-cream.  The solution:  frozen yoghurt!  This seems to be marketed as a healthy alternative to ice-cream which I think is slightly bizarre as it's genuinely pretty tasty in its own right.  I love yoghurt in general, though.

I was not in a recipe-following mood so went for pottering down to the local fruit and veg stall and picking what looked good:  bananas.  What goes with bananas?  Toffee.  So I tried to acquire some caramel from the supermarket but the supermarket failed me.  So I bought some honey and some Hobnobs.  Obviously.

It actually turned out really well.  I decided to bake the bananas to intensify the flavour - for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees with honey drizzled on top and cinnamon. Having baked the four bananas, I mashed them into 500ml of Greek yoghurt and added a bit more honey and cinnamon.  Popped into the ice-cream maker and, after it had been doing its thing for 30 minutes or so, dropped the Hobnob pieces in.

Am definitely doing that again.  Also, baked bananas on their own were pretty good - I am contemplating further uses for them.

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