Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cookbook review - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Veg Every Day

I really like this cookbook.  It's not my natural style - Ottolenghi is more my wavelength, multicultural, complicated, lots of flavours - it's simpler but what I love about it is that the recipes are straightforward but still original.  I love the sweet potato and peanut butter gratin, the leek and chestnut risotto, macaroni and peas.  A couple of the recipes, most notably the chachouka recipe (but also another - I think the risotto) had slightly strange quantities - it said that it would serve four but, even with bread on the side, barely sufficed for two.

In general, I sort of feel that the directions and quantities and so on aren't totally precise, it isn't sensible to follow the recipes completely blindly.  I don't mind, though, I'm more than happy with any cookbook that gives me one or more recipes that make it into my everyday repertoire and this has given me three - and there are still a few recipes in there that I'd like to try.

I'd recommend this one - it strikes me that it would be a particularly good one for omnivores who are experienced cooks but who  want to acquire a couple of good dishes for vegetarian dinner guests as it isn't too scary.

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