Friday, 29 June 2012

Tomatoes stuffed with blue cheese

Stuffed tomato!

So, a while ago, I experimented with stuffing leeks with blue cheese, with the stuffing mixture adapted from Ottolenghi's fantastic stuffed onions.  I thought the leeks were a little tough but I really liked the stuffing mixture, so I decided that I'd use it again, this time for stuffing tomatoes.

I scooped out the insides of nine tomatoes and left them upside down on some kitchen towel while I dealt with the filling, get them as dry inside as reasonably possible.

Hollowed out tomato
Hollowed out tomatoes

The stuffing was slightly different this time to the time with the leeks, because of having slightly different ingredients on hand but was broadly similar:  two slices of bread's worth of breadcrumbs, 6 finely chopped spring onions, three cloves of garlic finely minced, 300g of Danish blue, a handful of chopped parsley, a teaspoon of mustard, a glug of olive oil and salt and black pepper.

Tomatoes ready for stuffing

Tomatoes ready for stuffing
I then stuffed the tomatoes and baked for 20 minutes at 200 degrees C.
Cooked stuffed tomatoes
Verdict:  very nice, though probably more of a starter than a main course (unless you serve with something else - we had garlic bread with them).  If you want the tomatoes to be more roasted, it's probably worth baking them for longer (which probably requires putting the tops back on them so that the stuffing doesn't get burnt or baking them for five minutes or so before stuffing them.) We quite liked them at the level of roasted they were, though.

Cooked stuffed tomatoes

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