Friday, 27 July 2012

Mushroom stroganoff

Stroganoff and rice
I make absolutely no claims for the authenticity of this dish, I only have the haziest of ideas of what the defining characteristics of stroganoff actually are but it is quick and tasty and involves mushrooms and mustard. That's generally good enough for me.

Chopped onion and mushrooms
Mmm, mushrooms

Mushrooms cooking
Fry 500g of mushrooms and an onion in olive oil (or butter) for around 10-15 minutes, add a dash of sherry, 300ml of crème fraiche, mustard to taste (I go for about three teaspoons of seedy mustard but I love my mustard!), salt, pepper and paprika. Fresh chopped parsley on top is good if you have it. Serve with rice.

Almost ready stroganoff

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