Sunday, 15 July 2012

Restaurant review - The Warehouse Cafe, Birmingham

Yes, I know I said I was going to post about places I love in London but there are places I love outside London too..  and probably #1 on that list is The Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham.  I have friends in Birmingham who I visit regularly and, every time I go, we pay a visit to the delightful Warehouse Cafe

It's not much to look at on the outside, down a slightly dodgy looking alleyway, housed within Birmingham's Friends of the Earth building, and you have to press a buzzer to be let in, go up some slightly pokey stairs but, when you get there, delicious vegetarian food is your reward.  The service can be a little wayward but the food is just great. 

I've had a lot of meals there and never had a bad one.  The menu covers all the bases - some really interesting, innovative options (I had a delicious pease pudding with fried chappati and onion bhajis today and the savoury cheesecakes are always winners) to more traditional British style food (e.g. vegetarian sausages and mash or burger and wedges), so there's something for everyone.  The puddings are a highlight, even for me as someone who much prefers savoury food - they are interesting and different but not in a gimmicky way, for instance, a while ago I had a lovely Eton Mess with balsamic vinegar there.

I think the food is right up there with The Gate's and yet priced for Birmingham so great value if you're a Londoner passing through. 

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