Monday, 30 July 2012

More recent food articles

I rather enjoyed reading Alice Hart's article in The Guardian on how to write a cookbook.  I think it's interesting the way that, as one of the commenters points out, a cookbook can't just be a cookbook anymore, you need to sell not just recipes but an idea of yourself, a way of life.  The whole thing made me realise how horribly unsuited I would be to writing a cookbook:  I criticise cookbooks all the time for lack of precision but I am exactly precise either.  There isn't much that I don't just make by eye or instinct and I tend to use cookbooks for inspiration rather than for strict recipes.

This article on child foodies, on the other hand, was just creepy.  I don't like the idea of assuming that children can't cope with adult flavours but something about these kids was just unsettling.  Kind of like those beauty pageants for small children.

Not creepy but just incoherent, this article from the Telegraph, on "why we all want to be vegievores:  the easy way to be a vegetarian" which turns out to be..  by not being a vegetarian, just eating some vegetables from time to time.  Now, obviously, I have nothing against people eating more vegetables.  But just eating some from time to time does not make you a vegetarian.  

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