Saturday, 18 August 2012

Prague restaurant reviews - Knotra and Maitrea

In a departure from the usual London restaurant reviews, a couple of restaurant reviews from Prague where we spent a couple of days as part of a holiday.

First up, Pizzeria Kmotra which I'd been to before - quite a few years before.  It was lovely then and it's still lovely now.  There's an English menu and the staff are cheerful and willing even if you don't speak any Czech.  The pizzas are lovely traditional pizzas but with some innovative options - e.g. I had one with blue cheese and potatoes which is definitely a combination that I'm going to experiment with at home.  It's also incredibly good value - we had four main courses and soft drinks for about £20.  Very highly recommended.

Second, Maitrea, a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant.  A lovely atmosphere - lots of Buddhist decoration and a water feature (!) in the downstairs bit.  A slightly insane variety of food on the menu - there were some Mexican options, some Chinese-style food, some standard European fare, some traditional Czech options.  The three of us went for things from all corners of the menu but all were good - I enjoyed having the chance to have something in the traditional Czech style as that's not easy when you're vegetarian.  Again, very good value - the three of us had main courses and soft drinks for around £20.  Recommended.

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